Our hope is, “That no addict seeking recovery need ever die from the horrors of addiction.”

The Wheeling Area Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous—WASCNA— was formed in 1981 to better help groups carry the message of recovery to the still sick and suffering addict. It now serves 36 meetings in West Virginia and Ohio, including in Wheeling, Follensbee, and Glen Dale West Virginia, and in Barnesville, Bridgeport, St. Clairsville, and Steubenville, Ohio. Narcotics Anonymous is truly a world-wide multilingual multicultural fellowship with more than 67,000 weekly meetings in 139 countries. Narcotics Anonymous books and information pamphlets are currently available in 41 languages, with translations in process for 16 languages.

The primary service provided by Narcotics Anonymous is the NA group meeting. Meetings may be “open,” meaning anyone may attend, or “closed,” meaning only people who are there to address their own drug problem may attend. Meetings are led by NA members; other members take part by talking in turn about their experiences in recovering from addiction.

The primary purpose of an NA group is to carry the message to the addict who still suffers by providing a setting for identification and recovery where an addict can come for help if he or she has a desire to stop using. The purpose of an Area Service Committee is to be supportive to the NA Group and its primary purpose by associating the Group with other groups locally and by helping the Group deal with its day-to-day problems and needs.

The area committee is the primary means by which the services of a local NA community are administered. The area committee is composed of group service representatives, administrative officers (chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary, treasurer), subcommittee chairpersons, and the area’s regional committee members.The area committee elects its own officers, subcommittee chairpersons, and RCMs.