Policy Review

For Review

In the following section the “Policy Manual” for WASCNA is completed up to 3/26/2017.

The Policy Manual contains the guidelines for the running of the ASC monthly meeting. The policies are created by the motions made by GSR’s and Trusted Servants and voted on by the GSR’s and Trusted Servants at the ASC meeting. These motions come from the groups and or are created at the ASC meeting. Any business that affects Policy by a new motion or amending a previous policy must be taken back to the groups and their members for discussion and the groups conscience regarding the motion.

We are asking NA members to review the manual. For 2 years there has been no consistent minutes kept. Any Policy written during that time period is in question of validity and will not be valid unless there is written proof of that motion becoming policy.

We have several boxes of minutes etc. to review. Hopefully in those we will find minutes to update the manual. If anyone has notes from previous meetings from 2017 and 2018 that reflect those motions, the subcommittee can rewrite the motion and bring it to the ASC for reconsideration of the Policy.

In Loving Service,
Policy Subcommittee