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Policy Sub-committee

Posted by on 3.17.19

Will be meeting noon at the unity center to work on updating the policy manual.

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Policy Review

Posted by on 3.12.19

For Review In the following section the “Policy Manual” for WASCNA is completed up to 3/26/2017. The Policy Manual contains the guidelines for the running of the ASC monthly meeting. The policies are created by the motions made by GSR’s and Trusted Servants and voted on by the GSR’s and Trusted Servants at the ASC […]

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Clean & Crazy

Posted by on 3.11.19

This meeting will start at 3pm. The church has a function going on at the regularly scheduled time.

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From the Streets to the Seats

Posted by on 3.2.19

Has been closed. The Saturday night meeting that meets in McMechan at 9pm, From the Streets to the Seats will no longer be meeting. The meeting has been shut down for good.

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PR / HnI Workshop

Posted by on 2.26.19

Workshop will be held before the speaker jam beginning at 11 am at the Community of Christ Church where the Saturday Night Live meeting is held before the speaker jam.

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PR Sub-committee

Posted by on 2.1.19

Will be meeting at the Unity Center directly after the 530pm meeting being held there. If your interested please be there by 630.

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Web Sub-committee

Posted by on 1.31.19

Will be meeting directly after Sunday Morning Serenity Group meeting at the Unity Center starting at Noon. This Sub-committee is a regularly scheduled meeting. The second Sunday every month beginning at noon at the Unity Center.

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Activities Sub-committee

Posted by on 1.10.19

Will be meeting Friday Night at 7pm in the backroom of the unity center.

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Area Service

Posted by on 12.23.18

Is at the YSS building on the 4th floor at 1230 p.m. Map and Directions. Positions Open Vice Chair RCM RCM Vice Policy Vice Spiritual Getaway Vice Literature Vice

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Welcome to Reality

Posted by on 12.23.18

The Welcome to Reality group that meets Mon nights at 7pm in wheeling. Will be having their meeting at the old bishop donahue building in McMechan for the night of Christmas Eve. 

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